In any business enterprise you may have started to undertake it is generally understood that you have to present a professional face to the world, so your website needs to be as professional as you are. So remembering to keep it focused and never to stray away from the single main reason you started your business, so by narrowing down to concentrate on the services and the intended benefits your business offers to potential clients you are off to a great start!Lets start with some important points to be aware of:1. Advertising works well in any area but there is a tendency to overdo this on a specialized website, I’d keep that to a minimum, although a few highly targeted links or banners to partner sites or joint venture partnerships are quite beneficial to your business growth.To start with getting your own business website up and running and firmly established is the key priority so people associate you with your business.2. Try not to include personal information on your site or at least not on the main home page as people are often searching for information or specific services not information about you really although if you make a name for yourself people will want to find out your background then but until then keep it customer orientated and tightly focused on the area of business you want to become known for, people can easily get distracted from your site if they feel it is too self promoting.3. The key objectives of continuing your business is to firstly know you can offer the services that you are offering and that you can continue to prove that there are actual benefits of your services and that your potential customers need not go anywhere else as you are the authority, remember these, as they are your business rules of guidance.4. Always strive to build some strong relationships with your customers, so always try to be friendly and approachable and create an atmosphere of quality customer servicing experience, and it’s always helpful that you include a section that answers many questions your readers may have and eventually testimonials from some of your happy customers to further prove that they have benefited from your services.So by building strong relationships you will need to able to provide an email address, telephone number and even a physical address so that people interested may contact you for further information about your products and services. But online you can simply provide an opt in form and keep in touch with people that way offering your customers valuable information and tips or tutorials or free reports.5. Always make sure your site is optimized effective for the search engines, and check to make sure that your top performing keywords are sprinkled throughout your site, in your targeted content as well as your html code ( title tags, meta tags and alt image tags to name a few…)Also if location for your business is of high importance, maybe if you have physical products to offer locally, make sure you provide references to local landmarks, name of your city and local building names etc, this helps in the search engines to index your site so people can search and find it by searching locally.Again if you have a local website business you may want to register with the top 3 search engines for the local features such as Google maps, MSN city guides and Yahoo local. Maybe consider linking or registering with local service sites such as shopping directories and other related portals, these kinds of backlinks will boost your page ranking in the search engines.Also don’t rule out charity organizations and getting links from them, these can be of benefit as they link you with a handful of charitable organizations and local industry associations.6. Always look for places to promote your site, free classifieds, commenting in forums and blogs that are specific to your business service, make sure you actively build relationships with other forum posters and bloggers as these could be potential JV partners, so add your signature link so that people will follow your link if you provide enticing and helpful information that solves peoples problems.7. By using geo targeted PPC ads to drive local or even international traffic to your site, based on the availability of your services and products worldwide, local ads will only appear to local people who search for specific search terms to do with your business and services, as you yourself can specify what area you want your ads to appear anywhere locally or worldwide.Remember that geo targeted ads are cheap and will provide you with low traffic volumes, but the best thing your visitors will be highly targeted, which is a bonus.